On Vacation Now

1:00 AM – Time we finished packing and futzing.
5:30 AM – Time we woke up this morning.
8:50 AM – Time our flight to Austin was SUPPOSED to leave.
10:15 – Time Jet Blue posted as the official new departure time, though they appeared to know nothing about the wing malfunction on one plane, the corrupted software on another, and the threats of having the cancel the flight if they couldn’t get a plane up and running.
12:30 PM – Time we actually left Boston.

Weather conditions in Boston when leaving: Snow storm
Weather conditions in San Antonio this evening: Warm and mild

Number of X-Files episodes I watched on DirectTV on the plans: 2, plus a few fragments
Number of hours I slept: About 2

We left as the sun was rising in Boston, and arrived to see the sun set over Austin.

Tired now. Happy to be here. Looking forward to seeing people (hi, and !) and to seeing the Spurs play the Clippers tomorrow night, but for now I’m happy to be out of the Land of Snow Berms and looking forward to sleeping and not being on a plane or in an airport.


~ by realsupergirl on December 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “On Vacation Now”


    I know what airline I’m flying forevermore.

  2. It was on the SciFi channel. X-Files Marathon. Yeah, I was hooked .

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