Mount Hood Road Index, Weeks 51/52

* Tipsy weekly indexing PLUS 1

* Jet Blue sinks a few points as they come close to canceling our flight to Austin, but instead take off four hours late, and then only offer us lousy $50 vouchers in repayment for our time. MINUS 2

* Got to see and in San Antonio, as well as ‘s parents and lots of her old high school friends. PLUS 5

* Explored the San Antonio missions and the South Texas hill country. PLUS 2

* Saw a Spurs game live in San Antonio, and also the retirement of Avery Johnson’s number. PLUS 1

* Caught up with and after a few weeks without seeing them. PLUS 1

* Had fun making and sending out holiday cards this year. PLUS 1

* slipped on the ice and hurt her knee. MINUS 1

* discovers Facebook and is now obsessed with feeding her pet tofu and checking her profile every 37 seconds. EVEN

* ‘s ex-boyfriend called to say his wife is having a baby, due next month. We’re both excited and jealous. PLUS 1

* Pakistan’s prime minister Bhutto is assassinated. MINUS 2: One for the death, and one for the political instability.

* ‘s employer no longer has a thyroid, but also no longer has cancer (we hope!) and has a great big slash across her neck. MINUS 2

* The greed fest continues: Came home from our trip to San Antonio and opened presents from ‘s family. But it wasn’t overdone this year, we didn’t get anything that wasn’t wanted, and it wasn’t overwhelming to find places to put everything away, so PLUS 2.



~ by realsupergirl on December 31, 2007.

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