2007 Mount Hood Road Index

Here’s how the year shaped up to be:

* ‘s father died. MINUS 10
* With this terrible loss, we learned how crazy and dysfunctional grief can make families MINUS 2
* But on the plus side, she spent part of her inhereitance on an accordion and her very first computer PLUS 2
* started off the year unemployed, but wound up in a job that makes her much less crazy than her previous office job PLUS 2
* also wound up making twice as much money as she was making before, which allowed her to rehabilitate her student loan PLUS 1
* also got a significant raise last year PLUS 1
* Attended two weddings, one in Portland and one in Vegas PLUS 2
* Two new children were born into our extended family PLUS 2
* found a therapist she likes a lot better than her last one PLUS 1
* Places visited: Miami, FL; Portland, OR; Las Vegas, NV; San Antonio, TX; New York, NY; Tumwater, WA; Northampton, MA; Warwick, MA; Rockport, MA; and Elizabeth, NJ PLUS 8 (Tumwater doesn’t net any points, given the circumstances, and Elizabeth was only worth it for the company)
* People who came to visit us: , , , , ‘s parents, our friend Jill, ‘s sister PLUS 6
* People who we went to visit: , , , , , ‘s cousin Suzie and ‘s cousins Bruce and Nancy PLUS 7
* Purchased our first cell phone PLUS 1
* Purchased a first cell phone for ‘s parents PLUS 1
* Saw a number of theatrical productions this year: Sweeney Todd, Avenue Q, The Nutcracker plus some local theater PLUS 3
* Bought new home furnishings: A tortilla warmer, a fridge, a sofa, a telephone table, a desk PLUS 5
* Learned more about portion control desserts, and began making plans for having a family PLUS 2
* The State of Texas executed Johnathan Moore, 34, for something stupid he did when he was 19 MINUS 2
* War in Iraq continues, more deadly than ever and with no hope for a resolution MINUS 5
* Bush is still in office. MINUS 1 because the end is almost near.
* Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire take steps toward becoming “free states” in terms of marriage equality PLUS 3
* Boston Celtics acquire Kevin Garnett and look like the team to beat in the East PLUS 1
* Red Sox win their second World Series in four years PLUS 1
* The Patriots go 16-0 in the regular season and look unstoppable PLUS 1
* The San Antonio Spurs win their fourth NBA title in nine years. PLUS 1
* Lost the following people in 2007: Kurt Vonnegut, Marcel Marceau, Tillie Olsen, Dan Fogelberg, Lady Bird Johnson, Benazir Bhutto MINUS 6



~ by realsupergirl on January 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “2007 Mount Hood Road Index”

  1. Kevin Garnett rates, but the Spurs winning the championship don’t?

  2. Oh, good point, I can’t believe I left that off!!!! Will correct now.

  3. I love your road indexes. I think that is a nifty idea and quite a nice way to wrap up a week, month, year, etc. May I borrow a little of your index idea for this year? Would that be okay?

    You are quite witty, I fear I would not be nearly as interesting. I still want to try it if I have permission!

  4. Of course you can borrow the idea! We stole the idea from the Weekly Dig, a free rag out in the Boston area.

  5. Thank you!

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