Sports is supposed to be my escape from politics. It’s not supposed to stress me out like this. But I’m really, really worried about the Spurs this year. Tony Parker’s injury appears to be more injured than he was telling anybody, and now he’s out for a little while. Will Damon Stoudemire be able to come in and rescue the Spurs? How does one recover from a bone spur in their foot? The annual “rodeo road trip” is supposed to be the time when they come together as a team and turn the corner, and they’re starting off 0-2, including a loss to the freaking Sonics, who SUCK.

I wish I actually gave a shit about football, ’cause, you know, the Pats are pretty good. But I just can’t really follow it. And before you try and explain it to me, my father played football in college, and has tried to explain it to me many, many times. It just doesn’t make any sense, and it’s too SLOW. Too much stopping and starting for this ADHD girl. By the middle of the first quarter I’m distracted and on the other side of the room.


~ by realsupergirl on January 30, 2008.

One Response to “Whine”

  1. I hear you! I have a very vague understanding of it, but it’s more or less one of those things that I just put on TV when there’s an important game and cheer along when the sports announcers tell me to. I’m amazed that I can even recognize when a team scores. Basketball and baseball are just so much more intuitive.

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