Thank G-d It’s Friday

5 good things today:

1. Spurs beat the Suns. On the road, and without Tony Parker. Good to know that even when the Spurs suck, they’re still better than the Suns, and always will be.

2. We’re going to get our kitchen repaired, from when we had to take the baseboard off to put in our new refrigerator. Our contractor is coming tomorrow with his husband. Did I mention we have a gay contractor? This makes me very happy.

3. Cascadian Farms vanilla chip bars. Healthy, low cal, sustaining.

4. Getting to test out new games tomorrow afternoon for my friend Greg, who makes his own games. He’s wicked smaht.

5. Owning the entire Twin Peaks series on DVD. We’re really enjoying it.


~ by realsupergirl on February 1, 2008.

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