Facebook social experiments

Those of you on Facebook may have figured out by now that whenever I’m bored lately, I create a pop culture quiz. This actually came about by accident: I stumbled across another user’s quiz on Facebook, entitled “Gay or Not?” and it had incorrectly listed Alan Cummings as gay. Alan Cummings is, in fact, bisexual. So in honor of bisexual visibility, I created a counter-quiz called “Bisexual or Not?”

I’m not sure anyone has noticed that in this one, Alan Cummings is correctly identified as bisexual, but the scores are pretty low, in general.

I then created what I thought was a ridiculously easy quiz called “Lesbian or not?” and was suprised to see that the vast majority of people in on Facebook have really, really, bad gaydar. I mean, if you can’t correctly identify a celebrity who has come out as a lesbian, that doesn’t bode well for your gaydar in general. What’s particularly interesting is that while MOST people seem to have some idea that Ellen DeGeneres is a lesbian, no one seems to be able to identify her girlfriend, although they’re photographed together all the time. And no one seems to be able to distinguish a lesbian from someone who plays one on TV.

The other thing I’ve noticed? I created a quiz about documentaries, and it consistently remains one of the least taken quizzes. I thought documentaries had become hip and popular. Hmmmm. Also, people don’t know very much about Pedro Almodovar, which really is a shame, because he’s one of the greatest moviemakers ever, IMO. But Harry Potter? There’s always people out there who want to test their knowledge about Harry Potter. Too bad Daniel Radcliffe can’t run for president, because he’d undoubtedly win.


~ by realsupergirl on February 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Facebook social experiments”

  1. Who doesn’t know Portia Di Rossi…not only is she incredibly hot but thanks to “Arrested Development” I get to know that she is incredibly funny.

  2. I think it’s Cumming. Singular.

  3. No, you are right. And I knew that, but apparently I just don’t believe it SHOULD be Cumming, because I instinctively attached an s to his name without realizing it.

  4. Well, that’s sort of what *I* thought…but apparently lots of people don’t know her or recognize her.

    But I had one person think that Michelle Clunie was Joan Jett, so there you go.

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