Super Tuesday

The Democrats had almost TWICE as many people turn out to vote in their primary than the Republicans did. That’s impressive. Clinton and Obama remain no less neck-and-neck than they were when they started, which makes me think that the smartest thing they could do would be to select the other one (whoever doesn’t win the nomination) to be their VP. Clearly, both have a strong base of support, and they’d make a hell of a ticket for McCain-Huckabee, which is what I am now convinced will be the Republican ticket. But I wonder – can either Clinton or Obama put aside their egos and accept a VP role? It’s hard to picture either one of them doing so. But pragmatically speaking, it’s the smartest option. And in the big picture, ultimately, it’s what would be best for our country. Because the consequences of having a Bush lapdog and another religious conservative for four more years could be devastating for this country.


~ by realsupergirl on February 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Super Tuesday”

  1. I think Clinton – Obama is possible. He’s young enough that 4-8 years as VP would still leave him young enough to run again. I don’t think he’d want to because he would have to support her agenda, and it might box him into positions he doesn’t believe in or want to defend.

    I don’t think Obama would choose Clinton – she is more divisive a figure then he wants and comes with a lot more baggage. I think, however, this will put pressure on him to pick Seibilus as his Veep in order to smooth over some of the gender gap.

    (I actually think both would be smart to pick Wesley Clark as their Veep).

  2. I agree with your assessment. Unfortunately, I think they need the non-democrats (Republicans, independents, etc.) to win–and that any configuration of a Obama-Clinton ticket would be viewed as too liberal.

    I think to win over the non-democrats, they will both choose a southern, moderate, white male. As suggested, someone like Wesley Clark.

  3. Who is Seibilus? I googled her and nothing came up.

    Interesting…I had completely forgotten about Wesley Clark.

    I had also called for an Edwards-Obama ticket two years ago, and still think that could be strong, though I’m not sure Edwards would settle for VP anymore.

    My father also thinks Richardson may be the VP candidate, for whoever wins.

  4. You couldn’t find anything because I can’t spell. She’s a moderate Democrat and an immensely popular governor of a red-state. She has a history of turning Republicans into Democrats. (Oh, she’s also endorced Obama).

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