Politics in the sports world

I posted an interesting poll on a Spurs message board a few days ago, asking people how they define themselves politically. Even in the currently raucous world of sports, the political momentum is starting to leak out all over the place.

So far, out of 28 responses, we’re pretty evenly split. 9 people identify as either “progressive” or “liberal.” 3 people identify as “moderate” while 5 identify as “conservative.” 7 people identify as “libertarian” and 4 people list themselves as “other.”

The comments on the poll are illuminating – most of the people identify as some version of libertarian. They’re socially liberal (they don’t care about gay marriage or if you have an abortion) but they care about money and national security. Which explains why the Democrats have been slowly shifting towards the middle on these latter two issues, and trying to prevent the conservative Christians in the Republican camp from stirring up the gay marriage pot. But as I’ve often thought sports message boards provide a good litmus test for the fabled “middle America” I wonder whether the Dems have been too cautious – if most of these young voters don’t CARE about social issues, let it get stirred up, and perhaps it will backfire. But on the other hand, if there is something else they can get them stirred up about, perhaps that’s even better.


~ by realsupergirl on February 21, 2008.

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