Political anxiety

So Clinton won my home state, as well as Ohio and Rhode Island. Vermont becomes the only state in New England to swing toward Obama. Meanwhile, McCain has clinched the Republican nomination.

Is it harmful to the Dems that they are in such a long slugfest? posted about this and listed reason why he thinks it may not be. I’m not convinced.

On the one hand, both Clinton and Obama are inspiring to their supporters, and polls show consistently that at least 70% of their supporters will vote for “the other one” regardless of who gets the nomination. So the energy they are both generating could be good for the Democrats in general, while McCain is generating a lukewarm response from fiscally conservative and socially conservative Republicans alike.

On the other hand, McCain now has exclusive access to his party’s base, and if he can rally them together, they may coalesce in a way that helped the Fuhrer win two elections.

I’m anxious. Last night I could feel it in my chest. Maybe it was about the state of our country, maybe it was about other stuff that was going on. But I’m anxious. I am so desperate for some hope for this country, for a president who shares even a small fraction of my values, that I don’t know what to do with myself.


~ by realsupergirl on March 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Political anxiety”

  1. While I’m not thrilled with either candidate right now I’m not too worried about a longer fight. Clinton…my man Bill…didnt lock down the Democratic nomination until June the year he first ran.

    Of course the whole process was a little different back then and I think the media is actively trying to keep both candidates alive to milk the coverage but in the end I think it’ll be ok.

  2. I am also not so anxious. I think Dems will coalesce around the candidate. I also think that media coverage will continue to focus on Dems. Plus, frankly, with any luck Clinton and Obama will get the dirt on each other out early, so that those “hits” will fade by the general. Voters have short attention spans.

  3. I hadn’t thought of the current slugfest as something possibly beneficial before, but you make an excellent point about the voters’ short memories. Get the dirt out now and it’s mostly-forgotten and irrelevant old news by November.

    What worries me more is that I’m convinced we’re looking at a one-term presidency for whoever wins. The “Bush Legacy” is a mess so horrible that nobody can clean it up to the public’s satisfaction in a mere four years. It’s so much easier to tear things down than build them back up again, and we’ve had a solid eight years of wholesale wanton destruction. Whoever is the unfortunate sod who ends up in the White House next January is doomed before he or she even takes the oath of office. If the Democratic candidate wins, the first [insert appropriate label here] presidency in history will be tainted with the “failure” brand. It’s tragic (and more than a little ironic) to have the reactionaries be handed the perfect opportunity to say, “See? I told ya a [insert label here] couldn’t handle being President!” because some rich white idiot the reactionaries adore made a mess so awful that couldn’t be cleaned up quickly enough.

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