LJ Strike

The one-day content strike is on for this Friday, March 21, from midnight GMT to midnight GMT.

For 24 hours, we will not post or comment to LJ. Not in our own journals, not in communities. Not publicly, privately, or under friends-lock.

This is a protest that will have long-lasting effects, showing up forever in the daily posting statistics.

This is a protest that will not harm LJ in the long run, as leaving LJ might do.

This is a protest that will demonstrate the power of community, as all users unite to support Basic users and the concept of adfree space.

This is a protest that will educate the new owners that LJ is driven by user-created content.

How Can I Help?

DO post about this in your own LJ.
DO post and comment about it in appropriate communities.
DO remember that it’s based on Greenwich Mean Time, which may not be your local time.
DO turn off LoudTwitter and your RSS feeds for 24 hours.
DO feel free to friend me for updates, and defriend when the strike is over.

DON’T forget to get permission from community mods before making an off-topic post or comment about the strike.
DON’T be spammy with your posts or comments about the strike.
DON’T forget to turn your LoudTwitter and RSS feeds back on when the strike is over.


~ by realsupergirl on March 20, 2008.

9 Responses to “LJ Strike”

  1. It’s all ready having a positive change. The user interests have been restored and LJ staff are discussing restoring basic accounts as a possibility for all users, and the strike hasn’t even begun yet. I’m so happy to see that it’s having an impact and so many people are participating.

  2. I think people e-mailing them their opinions, or leaving comments on their original post are actually the reason they’re changing their policies.

    The idea that the new owners are ghouls, simply because they’re trying to make changes are laughable. Unlike SixApart, who did turn out to be morons, the Russians seem to be coming up with ideas, and taking feedback from people as to whether or not their changes are good.

    This whole strike concept is silly.

  3. I think it’s a combination of the comments to the news posts, the calls and emails, and the strike that are making the change. In the interview with the guy who is really high up in SUP, the press asked him about the boycott/strike so they were all ready aware of it, and any press like that is going to result in positive changes for the site, I think. 🙂

  4. Then there’s really no need to have the strike, is there?

  5. And capricious, and willing to take potentially destructive actions even when they’re already getting results without them.

    I’ll be posting tomorrow.

  6. How is it destructive?

  7. This one may not be. In fact, I think the whole concept is pretty funny since it’s resulted in heavier usage today than usual, it’s taking place on what is a holiday for both Christians and Jews so it would be slow anyway, and it’ll likely result in heavier usage on Saturday as folks talk about it. No net effect to the boycott.

    But if you are in conflict with someone who threatens to do something if they don’t get what they want, so you give them concessions, and they follow through on the threat anyway…that’s dishonorable behavior. I find that just plain crappy.

  8. I realize this is highly tangential, but as a child of emotional abuse, I would like to invite you to reconsider your assumption that parenting is about power and control.

  9. XXVI:
    If a sufficient number of management layers are superimposed on each
    other, it can be assured that disaster is not left to chance.
    Rank does not intimidate hardware. Neither does the lack of rank.
    It is better to be the reorganizer than the reorganizee.
    Executives who do not produce successful results hold on to their
    jobs only about five years. Those who produce effective results
    hang on about half a decade.
    By the time the people asking the questions are ready for the answers,
    the people doing the work have lost track of the questions.
    — Norman Augustine


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