LJ Strike

The one-day content strike is on for this Friday, March 21, from midnight GMT to midnight GMT.

For 24 hours, we will not post or comment to LJ. Not in our own journals, not in communities. Not publicly, privately, or under friends-lock.

This is a protest that will have long-lasting effects, showing up forever in the daily posting statistics.

This is a protest that will not harm LJ in the long run, as leaving LJ might do.

This is a protest that will demonstrate the power of community, as all users unite to support Basic users and the concept of adfree space.

This is a protest that will educate the new owners that LJ is driven by user-created content.

How Can I Help?

DO post about this in your own LJ.
DO post and comment about it in appropriate communities.
DO remember that it’s based on Greenwich Mean Time, which may not be your local time.
DO turn off LoudTwitter and your RSS feeds for 24 hours.
DO feel free to friend me for updates, and defriend when the strike is over.

DON’T forget to get permission from community mods before making an off-topic post or comment about the strike.
DON’T be spammy with your posts or comments about the strike.
DON’T forget to turn your LoudTwitter and RSS feeds back on when the strike is over.


~ by realsupergirl on March 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “LJ Strike”

  1. I think people e-mailing them their opinions, or leaving comments on their original post are actually the reason they’re changing their policies.

    The idea that the new owners are ghouls, simply because they’re trying to make changes are laughable. Unlike SixApart, who did turn out to be morons, the Russians seem to be coming up with ideas, and taking feedback from people as to whether or not their changes are good.

    This whole strike concept is silly.

  2. I think it’s a combination of the comments to the news posts, the calls and emails, and the strike that are making the change. In the interview with the guy who is really high up in SUP, the press asked him about the boycott/strike so they were all ready aware of it, and any press like that is going to result in positive changes for the site, I think. 🙂

  3. Oh I think there absolutely is. To go through with the strike is going to show them that the user base is together.

  4. How is it destructive?

  5. From the standpoint of both parenting and union organizing, if you set a consequence, you have to follow through with it, or you diminish your own power.

    Also, while I am glad the leadership of LJ is now listening to users and talking about making some changes that users are asking for, there is no guarantee that they will actually do it. So until they do it, the action should still remain in place. That is why unions institute “strike deadlines.” If by midnight all actions have been completed, the strike could potentially be called off. But that doesn’t seem to be likely. Moreover for me there is the general concern that LJ is becoming too controlling about the content of people’s personal journals, and that bothers me and is unlikely to be resolved by the deadline.

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