Perhaps this is sacrilegious

On whether she will be celebrating Easter tomorrow:

“Some people have ham…I like young boys.”
— (, who just arrived in Boston)

Happy Easter to all those celebrating…do you say ‘happy Easter’? Do you “celebrate” Easter? That’s the holiday that commemorates the day the bunnies and the chocolate eggs came to earth, right?


~ by realsupergirl on March 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Perhaps this is sacrilegious”

  1. Yes, yes, and sometimes it seems like it. 🙂 Me, I bought some ricemilk chocolate. The Easter bunny never brings me any, so I had to get it myself.

  2. was noting at one point somewhat forlornly that her mother stopped sending her Easter baskets in the mail…

  3. My mother sends money instead. Much more convenient than easter baskets!

  4. I frequently hear the phrase “Happy Easter” from my Christian friends so yes, I assume it is an appropriate phrase. My understanding of the holiday, however, is that it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus H., who came down to us from Olympus with the gift of fire. Upon realizing that Prometheus had beaten him to it, he wandered around sort of shiftless for thirty-some years before he was executed, whereupon he returned from the dead and founded the sacred institution of brunch and His greatest gift: bacon.

    Young boys were an earlier gift to the Greeks from Kathamite Buddha.

  5. Juliet, that tramp! Hahaha! Young boys are way better than ham, and she should put it on her list for next year to pick up at the grocers. As for “Happy Easter”, people only say it because the English language lacks a better way to express the feeling of the holy day. It might be more appropriate to say something like “Hi, nice to see you. Good weather we’re having. Have a nice Easter holiday, and thank your lucky stars Jesus died to enable you to slip into heaven even though you’ve been fucking your best friends wife. yeah you have a good day too!” Something like that might be a little better than “Happy day of the death of your God…”. Know what I mean.

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