Well, that’s weird

First: Fun with contacts this morning. Discover there are mysteriously two contacts in the left side of my contact case. Put one in. OK. Put right contact in. Eye blurry. Take it out, rinse it. Put back in. Eye still blurry. Repeat. At this point, my right eye is now irritated, so I decide, fuck it, I’ll wear my glasses. II take out my left contact, put on glasses. Mysteriously, now my left eye is blurry, and my right eye is perfect – without my glasses! No, it’s not a miracle cure for myopia, I conclude – I have somehow put one contact in and was trying to put a second one in, hence the blurriness. Put left contact BACK in, and go about my day.

Second: Matzah is matzah, right? Then why does one ordinary sheet of matzah have a different calorie count, depending on the brand? That’s right. Yehuda matzah ranks highest at 125 calories. Streit’s is only 100. King David is 114. Could someone explain this to me, please?


~ by realsupergirl on April 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Well, that’s weird”

  1. Three possibilities on calorie count immediately come to mind: fat content, mass or different testing labs. Because of the odd shape, a slightly thicker piece of matzah may easily have 10-15% more mass than another. Fat is relatively high in calories, so a little bit extra may make a difference. Thirdly, there are different ways to determine calorie count and that may make a difference. One of the more interesting that I know of is in special labs who essentially put food into a sealed chamber which is then hyper-oxygenated and the food combusted/burnt in a way that the energy its burning gives off can be measured.

    Somewhere in the world there is probably some intern or technician methodically going through stacks of matzah and Eggo waffles and corn flakes and so on, notebook at hand, burning each to a crisp. If there are separate labs for kosher, hallal, vegan or allergen-dense foods, I have no idea.

  2. Lol. I had know idea you had such strong opinions about matzah….

    You know, if you can tear yourself away from schoolwork and come to our seder, I’ll go out and buy you a special box of Yehuda matzah,…

  3. well, because we’ve been monitoring our food intake, to try and eat healthier and fewer calories, and well, I got curious as to whether all matzah boxes would say the same thing.

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