I miss him already

I sent this in an email to my supervisor a few minutes ago:

So, this morning, I had a goodbye session with my client K – you may remember him, he’s the young man I’ve seen since he was 17, for almost exactly 3 years, from foster home to group home, from B– High to C– High, from school to clinic, etc, etc. He’s gone through a lot and as he said – I’ve been the only consistent thing in his life for the whole time. He was very sweet and very touched and very appreciative all the support he’s gotten. Which you know, feels good to hear now and then.

I miss him already.

He’s moving to A–. He knows that it might not work out, but he’s wanted to go since I’ve known him, and DSS decided to terminate his case anyway, and school wasn’t really working out here. He has a friend down there who he’s moving in with. But you know, as he also said – this is the best possible time in his life to try this out, and whatever happens, as I said, it will be an adventure.

I miss him already.

Just thought I’d share. Cause it’s Friday and there isn’t really anyone else here I wanted to share this with. Have a good weekend…

I know that part of the reason I am so attached to him is that I always get attached to the lgbt teenagers. I know that part of the reason it chokes me up is my own selfish need to sometimes get some closure, and feel appreciated. I know that I am only one small part of his life, and that in 10 years he may or may not remember my name. And that’s OK. What we shared was real, and important, and that’s enough. And I miss him already.


~ by realsupergirl on April 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “I miss him already”

  1. You know, even if he doesn’t remember your name, even if you’re only part of his life, you were still a positive part. And that is important and beautiful.

  2. Ain’t it the truth.

    When anonymizing stories I find it moderately useful to use a set series of letters as placeholders, so by sequence it is obvious that L, M, N & P are unlikely to refer to anyone’s real initials. In this locked post it is not an issue, but may be a useful trick going forward. Such “metasyntactic variables” are a trick I picked up from dem dar computer peoplez, what with their foo bars and such.

    A beautiful story. Well done!

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