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UPDATE: Thanks to the 27 people who have voted so far to make me a nominee. I still need 73 more.

Also, the landscape of my soul exploded all over the place this weekend. There is no way to describe the Grand Canyon, and pictures do not do it justice. The only thing comparable I have experienced is Petra, Jordan. The only word I have is WHOA.

That was what I took from the 4 months I spent in Israel in 1995 – harnessing the power of WHOA and learning to try and maintain that attitude toward the world, when the world wants to get you down and beat you back – whether it is day-to-day drama or anxiety about who our next president will be, or the encroaching environmental disaster we our living in. There is still a lot to be amazed by in this world.


~ by realsupergirl on May 6, 2008.

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  1. To really get into the Canyon ecology and geology, check out the new “True North Series: Your Guide to the Grand Canyon.” Written by a copule of geologists, a meteorologist and a tour guide, this book has more info than I’ve ever seen in a guidebook. 25 or so fold-out photos with callouts showing stuff I’ve never seen in all my visits to there. On, for sure, or maybe Canyon bookstores.

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