Here’s hoping my mood for the first hour of awakeness doesn’t permeate the whole rest of the day. I blame the Spurs for my mood today.

But here’s what I learned on my walk to work:
1. Poi Dog Pondering and Dan Bern write really sexy songs. The iPod fairy spun me “Diamonds and Buttermilk” and “Hooker” as the first two songs of the morning. Yum.

2. I think the Beastie Boys’ line “It takes time to build/It takes a second to wreck” should be Obama’s new campaign slogan. Because you know what? That’s pretty much what we’re going to want to repeat to ourselves for the next twenty years while we’re trying to undo the disasters Bush has created.

3. There is no anger so great that 7 Year Bitch can’t soothe a little. Man, I wish I could still hear them live.


~ by realsupergirl on May 28, 2008.

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