NBA Finals

Celtics are about 2 minutes away from demolishing the Lakers, and you know what? I find myself rooting more for the Lakers’ humiliation more than the for Celtics at this point. I mean, I am really happy that, once again, defense is winning the championship, and really happy that Pierce and KG are finally getting their rings (I do wish there was a way for the Celtics to win and not have Allen win, because Allen is a whiny punk, but I’ll live with that).  But the real icing on the cake is The Rapist’s team being utterly, completely humiliated.   


~ by realsupergirl on June 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “NBA Finals”

  1. Can’t they just send out a dancing dog or something at this point to spare the humiliation? I mean, they’re not really even trying at this point and just look foolish anyway. A dancing dog would be much funnier.

  2. Anonymous, who are you?

  3. This is exactly what I was feeling.

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