And now something a little lighter…

It’s that time of year again.  I look forward to summer boob tube, if only for Last Comic Standing. I love stand up comedy, so I love this show. Even though year after year it never fails to disappoint me, because good comics get passed over in favor of ones I think aren’t as good.  And I miss the first season, which had a lot more of the comics living together in a house, because some of those interactions were the best ever. Rich Vos and Dave Mordal joking about their homoerotic heterosexual lifemate relationship? Priceless.  But apparently, the network decided that there wasn’t enough drama, so they cut down on this part of the show in favor of a more American Idol-like format. 

Nevertheless, here’s the contenders for this year, and my early impressions of them.   In descending order of how much I enjoy them: 

12. Ron G – I think he has potential, but I think he’s too green to be very good yet. 

11. God’s Pottery – They’re like that Saturday Night Live sketch that never, ever dies.  They were kind of funny in their audition, and haven’t been funny since. 

10. Jim Tavare – He looks like something out of the Munsters, but he plays the standing bass and talks with a British accent. But he’s only moderately funny. 

9. Esther Ku – She might be funny if her voice weren’t so annoying. 

8. Paul Foot – He is weird.  And British. I can’t tell if he’s Dave Mordal-weird, which would be good, or Eddie Pepitone-weird, which is just annoying, and thank goodness, OVER.

7. Papa CJ – He’s really cute, but he has already repeated numerous jokes, which tells me he’s too green to go very far in this competition.  

6. Louis Ramey – Pretty funny, but I suspect he’s going to piss me off more than he’s going to make me laugh before the season is over, because he’s already been pretty borderline offensive at times, 

5. Adam Hunter – Very funny.  Great set in the semi-finals. Could go far, and wouldn’t be unhappy if he did. 

4. Jeff Dye – See above. 

3. Sean Cullen – See above.

2. Marcus – His Oompa Loompa intervention for Britney Spears was the funniest thing I think I’ve seen in months.  He rocks my world.  He’s easily my favorite to be able to take this whole thing, except…

1. Iliza Shlesinger – She’s very funny, and I hope she keeps being funny, because you know what? It’s fucking time a woman won this thing. We’ve let Cory Kahane and Michelle Balan slip by, what’s it going to take to get a woman to win?  Come on.


~ by realsupergirl on July 8, 2008.

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