“Yer Mom Comes First”

My spouse’s oddly cryptic post references a story I can’t help but tell everyone.

We went to Our House, a Northeastern dive, to play Stump Trivia with Eeka and Violacat.  I was definitely the weak link in that team.  I just do not have a head for trivia.  I can write you a good essay on the economic and political forces behind slavery and the Civil War, but ask me to come up with General Sherman’s name on command – not my strength.

Nevertheless, we won first place. And the icing on the cake was, because our team name was “Yer Mom” the Stump trivia jockey had to announce “Yer Mom Comes First” which is really, really funny if you are a) 12 years old or b) drunk.  Or both. Yay for drunk 12-year-olds.

Also, in the bathroom there was this:

WTF is a “pre-moistened feminine towelette?”  Is that basically like using a Wet Wipe when you’re on the rag?  OMG.


~ by realsupergirl on July 28, 2008.

2 Responses to ““Yer Mom Comes First””

  1. omg. hilarious. I love that shit. “yer mom” anything, as well as photographic evidence of the freakier shit in this world. and, btw, i also love the new look of the blog. SO much prettier than the old LJ one, if i do say so my self!

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