For those who aren’t as obsessed with Scrabble as I am, there’s a big controversy going on right now. Hasbro has sued the makers of Scrabulous, the Facebook Scrabble-like application.

I feel very torn about this, because I love Scrabulous and want it back. On the other hand, if you believe at ALL in copyright laws — which I can’t help but do as a writer and an artist — then it is so flagrantly obvious that Scrabulous ripped off Scrabble it pains me. They copied the board IDENTICALLY – down to the colors, point value, everything. I wish they had been a little smarter about it so they had more of a case to protest the lawsuit.

And in defense of Hasbro, I am not sure what other alternative they had. But the anti-capitalist in me is resisting coming to the defense of a corporate entity. After all, Hasbro didn’t invent Scrabble. They just currently own the copyright, because of a series of corporate takeovers. In fact, the history of Scrabble is pretty ugly in terms of people getting credit for the “intellectual property rights.”

I am guessing some sort of settlement will be made eventually, and Scrabulous may come back. But maybe not. Meanwhile, I feel deeply torn about downloading Hasbro’s beta version of Scrabble for Facebook, which doesn’t seem to work properly anyway. So for now, no Scrabble online.

Which is probably just as well, from a time-wasting perspective. But I’m jonesing.


~ by realsupergirl on August 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Scrabulous”

  1. The guys who made scrabbulous also made a new game which does what you suggested they do in the first place – puts the special tiles in different places, looks subtly different, etc. It is called wordscraper. I’m just beginning to try it now so I can’t vouch for it, but it looks promising.

  2. I’ve seen it…I was a little overwhelmed by trying to figure out how it worked…but yeah, I agree the idea looked promising.

  3. If you’re at all into crosswords, I happen to have ten years of New York Times puzzles downloaded… (=

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