Obama/Biden in 2008

OK, here we go. We know the Democratic ticket. I was kind of hoping for Sebellius or Kaine as the VP (I think having a governor would have been a strong balance to the ticket) but I can see the arguments for Biden. He makes Obama look stronger on foreign policy, in the same way Cheney did for Bush.

It doesn’t really matter who the Democratic VP was, because I’ll support Obama no matter what. And it didn’t really matter between Obama and Clinton, because they are both so vastly different from the Republicans. It comes down to whether you care about this country’s direction. Under Bush and under McCain (G-d forbid) this country continues to descend into unregulated capitalism and becomes ruled by corporate interests and, to a slightly lesser extent, religious groups. Under Democratic leadership we have a chance to reverse the damage and prevent the American experiment from being blown apart.

Anyone who is even THINKING of voting for a third party in this next election is either not paying attention or extremely selfish. Because the potential damage to the Supreme Court, to civil rights, to environmental protections, etc – all this may be catastrophic if McSame is elected.

Pros of Biden as Obama’s running mate: 

* He’s going to massacre anyone he faces in a debate, and we have two really strong orators on the Democratic ticket.  
* He’s a devout Catholic (despite disagreeing with the Catholic political machine on many issues) which makes this Democratic candidate clearly more religious than the Republicans, which should help win some important swing voters – like Midwestern working class Catholics.
* He’s strong on foreign policy, which has been touted as Obama’s biggest weakness
* He speaks his mind, and is a solid response to McSame’s so-called “straight talk” express.  

Cons against Biden as Obama’s running mate: 

* He doesn’t bring in a state the Dems weren’t already likely to get.
* He’s a senator, making this yet another two-senator ticket. 
* He speaks his mind, and often says things that are offensive.

All in all, not a bad selection. Not necessarily the one I would have made, but then again that might be why I am not in charge of these decisions.


~ by realsupergirl on August 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Obama/Biden in 2008”

  1. I don’t want McCain to be elected, and I suppose that when push comes to shove, I’ll vote the smart way to do my part in making sure that doesn’t happen. The thing is, I don’t like Obama. There’s a lot about his platforms that I don’t like. I don’t like McCain’s either, but I hate the idea that I have to vote for someone that I don’t like. I mean, that’s why we have third parties and write-in votes.

    Why is it that all our choices have to suck?

  2. Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.– George Bernard Shaw

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