The Ultimate Lesbionic Mix

This person posted their version of the ultimate lesbionic music mix, and it inspired me to make my own, only mine will have less vagina music (read: Catie Curtis) and less bubblegum (read: Janet Jackson? C’mon! We can do better than that, ladies)

Here’s my mix so far:
“Me and Mrs Jones” by Sarah Jane Morris
“Light my fire” by Patricia Barber
“Get it while you can” by Janis Joplin
“The whole night” by Ani Difranco
“You can sleep while I drive” by Melissa Etheridge and Jewel
“Drive” by Melissa Ferrick
“Tangled up in Blue” by Indigo Girls
“Crimson and Clover” by Joan Jett
“Angels never call” by Til Tuesday
“She’s so lovely” by The Butchies
“Damn I wish I was your lover” by Sophie B Hawkins
“Sandra at the Beach” by Poi Dog Pondering

Anything I missed?


~ by realsupergirl on August 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Ultimate Lesbionic Mix”

  1. Thanks for your comment. You can already see what your work has wrought re: Indigo Girls. As to your feelings about vagina music and bubblegum, you are too harsh. The more Lesbo and bi-positive images out there, the sooner LGBT will effect a SAR (sexual attitude restructuring) There are millions of women and men in total denial as to there same-sex feelings. I’m sure at this point you are probably yawning or barfing. We mortals stand in awe of Supergirl.

  2. Oh, “The Weakness in Me” by Joan Armatrading. I’m right with you on that addition.

    LOL. I know I am harsh about “vagina music” and that it is a legitimate form of music many people happen to enjoy. I’m just more of a blues and punk rock girl myself. Indigo Girls are about as vagina as I go, so to speak, and as far as they go I tend to prefer Amy’s more punkish songs to Emily’s softer ones.

  3. This may be something for the ULM. This video enabled me to bootstrap Ladytron’s Beauty*2 on to the g2g love song list. My latest #43. Please, check out my youtube comment, sorry for the shouting. rabdrake

  4. […] Audio porn My iPod randomly shuffled out Melissa Ferrick’s “Drive” this morning on my way to work. I’ve only listened to it once or twice, having discovered it for me “non-vagina-music-lesbian-mix.” […]

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