On the other hand

I vacillate between being terrifyingly patriotic in my desire to preserve the foundations of this country, and embracing Krishnamurti’s desire to eliminate all statehood, all ideologies, all beliefs. Found this excerpt from Krishnamurti online. I’ve edited it down from my original post, in hopes people will actually read it:

Is it possible to live in this world without a belief – not change beliefs, not substitute one belief for another, but be entirely free from all beliefs, so that one meets life anew each minute? This, after all, is the truth: to have the capacity of meeting everything anew, from moment to moment, without the conditioning reaction of the past, so that there is not the cumulative effect which acts as a barrier between oneself and that which is.

Most of us accept or take on beliefs because, first of all, there is fear. We feel that, without a belief, we shall be lost. Then we use belief as a means of conduct, as a pattern, according to which we direct our lives. And also we think that, through belief, there can be collective action. So, in other words, we think that belief is necessary for action…One of the reasons for the desire to accept a belief is fear. Because, if we had no belief, what would happen to us? Wouldn’t we be very frightened of what might happen? If we had no pattern of action, based on a belief – either in God, or in Communism, or in Socialism, or in Imperialism, or in some kind of religious formula, some dogma in which we are conditioned – we would feel utterly lost, wouldn’t we? And is not this acceptance of a belief, the covering up of that fear – the fear of being really nothing, of being empty? After all, a mind that is filled with beliefs, with dogmas, with assertions, with quotations, is really an uncreative mind, it is merely a repetitive mind. … ”
(3rd public talk by Krishnamurti, July 23,1949)

In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter whether America fails as a democratic experiment? What does it matter who our president is? It’s all false, it’s all an illusion. None of it can change or should change who I am, or how I want to be in the world. Letting go of my ideologies and my fears about what it would mean to live in a country led by Bush, McSame, or Palin is a way of taking care of myself, because I do not like the kind of person I become when I invest myself in politics. It is not who I want to be in the world.


~ by realsupergirl on September 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “On the other hand”

  1. yeah. i’ve had many a conversation/debate with steve about this exact thing. i could get worked up about politics – and sometimes i do. but,, really, i choose to get worked up about the things closer to my heart (not that politics isn’t, but i do believe it is illusion) and my own actions, deeds, and ways of living. i can’t control the bigger things. i can only control what i do and how i act. if i walk around angry and shaking my fists, i just don’t think that that is putting the right kind of energy into the world.

  2. On one hand, I agree. It’s all abstractions that are meaningless when viewed in a geological timeframe.

    On the other hand, we as human beings are now powerful enough to cause mass extinctions of species – including ourselves and all other life on the planet. We are very much at a turning point of a scope so massive as to match that geologic timeframe. Unless we do something about changing the ecological course we are on during the next presidential term – something McCain is clearly not going to do – it may be too late to stop the accelerating climatological catastrophe.

    (Ha! Imagine King George The Shrub even pronouncing that last sentence, let alone understanding it.)

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