From my writing group

We wrote this collaboratively as an exercise in my last writing group. I liked it so much I thought I’d post it here. The instructions were to write a first line, pass the page on, write a last line, pass that paper on, and then write a middle line for each story until yours has come back to you again. I added the title later.

A Decision

The wind whipped through her hair, and she walked on, her thoughts dwelling on the house situation. She just didn’t have the income or the credit history to get a place of her own, while her great aunt was sitting pretty in the house she’d inherited from her brother, Jane’s grandpa.

“Aunt Gladys could use some help around that big old drafty house,” she thought, “but I’d sooner slit my wrists.”

By the time she reached Gladys’ house, she had convinced herself to swallow her pride and do work for the old bat, but then she noticed a strange smoking crater where the house used to be.

“Well, shit,” she said out loud. “I guess I’ll have to take out a loan after all.”


~ by realsupergirl on September 6, 2008.

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