Naomi Wolf on the election

Remember when I told you about her warning cry, The End of America? Well, now her warning cry continues. She makes a strong case for the Republican ticket being nothing but a sham: a “weak figurehead” who can be manipulated by an undemocratic group which is really running the country, who act as though they are not accountable to the people by abusing their power, lying, spying on the dissent, but at the same time keeping secrets about their basic public information.

McSame is the weak figurehead, and Sarah Palin is Karl Rove/Bush/Cheney all over again. Look at her response to “troopergate” – lies and obfuscation. Look at her attitude toward the media daring to ask her questions about her beliefs and activities. She does not believe she has to be accountable to anyone, and that (more than her wackjob religious beliefs) is why she is so dangerous.


~ by realsupergirl on September 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “Naomi Wolf on the election”

  1. I still stand by my assertion that Gov. Palin was added to the ticket primarily as a distraction. From the shallow – nobody’s looking at the ugly old guy when there’s pretty young woman standing next to him – to the more substantive – everyone’s talking about *her* beliefs and activities and not Sen. McCain’s. She has done a beautiful job of completely derailing the critical eye of the public and the media and drawing it away from Sen. McCain. The Obama/Biden campaign has tried to point out Sen. McCain’s failures, but the noise and potential for scandal surrounding Gov. Palin is so great that the media and the public can’t resist.

    That said, the recent economic crisis may well change the situation. Sen. McCain’s long history supporting what has proven to be a truly disastrous pattern of deregulation. It’s a pity this Friday’s debate is on foreign policy instead of economic issues.

  2. I had many of the same dismissive thoughts about Bush…he’s dumb, he’s just a good ol boy…but in fact, if you look at the pattern of how he has governed he’s not all that dumb. He simply has a very disturbing view about presidential power, one that flies in the face of the democracy our founding fathers crafted so deliberately. He believes in closing down our country, making the presidential more powerful and less accountable, and these were the very things Washington, Jefferson, et al feared most in government.

  3. Bush is smarter than most give him credit. However, that’s not really my point. It’s not about how smart she is, but rather the reason she was chosen.

    As to your other points – given the events of the past week, I’m starting to wonder if the (what I thought was a crackpot) theory that the radical right is trying to reduce the size and power of the federal government by deliberately bankrupting it might not have some credence after all.

  4. Also, I heard a discussion on NPR a couple weeks ago that was evaluating both our war against terrorism and how successful the terrorists may perceive their efforts as having been since 9/11. One of the things that was noted is that Osama bin Laden has made specific comments around the time of 9/11 about wanting to engage America into a un-winnable war which would slowly, over time, bleed our country and bankrupt it. And from that standpoint, we played right into his hands.

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