The personal is political

Have people heard the news? McSame’s campaign chief-of-staff, Mark Buse, is a gay man. It’s not even really and “outing” except an outing of the hypocrisy. The Log Cabin Republicans have already tried to justify this by saying that it proves how open-minded McSame really is. Um, no. Inviting a queer to your wedding, or allowing them to remain employed at your company – this is all good, but if you actively campaign for other queers to have no protections at their job, actively campaign for them to have no marriage equality, actively campaign for them to have no protections against violence – that’s not called “open-minded.” That’s called tokenism. That’s called hypocrisy. If McSame had a Black chief-of-staff while actively trying to roll back desegregation, people would not have a problem seeing this hypocrisy.

Oh, and in other news about Republican hypocrisy, did people see this article in the New York Times about the McSame campaign demanding to have the rules of the debate changed because the suddenly poor, frail pitbull in lipstick can’t keep up with Biden in a fuller debate? They’re basically saying that she’s incompetent. And I thought people were hoping for HER to be the competent one on the ticket. This can’t bode well for them.


~ by realsupergirl on September 24, 2008.

One Response to “The personal is political”

  1. Free Sarah! Not quite what I was expecting.

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