Perhaps the most uncomfortable movie I’ve ever seen

We saw Towelhead. My discomfort had nothing to do with the inflammatory title, which is really not the point of the film except that it expresses how most of the other characters see the main character.

But my discomfort stemmed from how disturbed, violent, and repressive virtually all the adults in the movie turned out to be. Except for two characters, which allowed me to re-kindle my unrequited love affair with Toni Collette.

But still. As someone who wants to have children someday, I am more aware than ever before of depictions of parenting and especially all the ways there are to screw up a child, to paraphrase Robyn Hitchcock. Not just overt ways. Oh no. There’s so many subtle ways to damage children too. It’s a little scary and intimidating. Which, you know, explains why there are so many fucked up adults walking around in the world.

It’s a good movie though. Despite it’s disturbingness. It made me think, it moved me, it found a resolution which felt like a sigh of relief without being melodramatic or unbelievable. And really, that’s what movies should be like.


~ by realsupergirl on September 28, 2008.

One Response to “Perhaps the most uncomfortable movie I’ve ever seen”

  1. I wanted to see it, but I didn’t hear too many rave reviews. I loved American Beauty. Alan Ball seems to think suburbia is hell.

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