Truth in politics

How honest is McSame, so far
How honest is Obama, so far

As of right now, Obama leads McCain in telling the truth. He’s told 1 “pants on fire” lie, which is notable, as McCain has told 6. He has told the truth (entirely or mostly) 68 times, while McCain has told the truth 50 times. Meanwhile, Obama has 36 false and barely true statements, while McCain has 57.

As for veep candidates…it’s a little more mixed.
How honest is Biden
How honest is Palin

Biden has 11 truths/mostly truths, while Palin has 5. However, Biden also has made 10 false/mostly false statements, while Palin only has 2. Biden has 2 “pants on fire” lies while Palin has none.

Of course, the Republicans are shielding Palin from actually having to answer any questions, so I expect these numbers to go up this week in the veep debate. Also, her ability to construct a coherent sentence means you sometimes can’t even tell what she’s saying, much less whether it’s true…


~ by realsupergirl on September 29, 2008.

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