It’s time for a new political party

It’s been a long time since America had more than two viable political parties, and since those two parties were the Republican and Democratic parties. It’s time for that the change, but while many people I know have long hoped for the rise of the Green Party, I do not think this is the most likely scenario.

The Republican party has lost its identity. Like it or not, Sarah Palin is the face of the new Republican party. Anti-intellectual, xenophobic, conservative in every sense of the word, change-resisting. That is not the same Republican party that backed Lincoln back in its founding days, and it’s not even the same party as Reagan, and it’s certainly not the same party as Barry Goldwater.

I think it’s time for those fiscally conservative, socially tolerant Republicans to step up and officially leave their party. Perhaps they need to band together with the Libertarians. Perhaps they need to form their own party. But I think this is the bold new move that will change the political landscape, and make Sarah Palin a lot less relevant. And honestly, I may disagree with this segment of the population about how our nation’s financial resources should be spent (health care versus bombs) but I could imagine putting aside these disagreements at times and supporting candidates from this new party.

I honestly think that if Obama wins – and polls indicate he will – something like this will happen. The Republican party is close to imploding. And I think it’s exactly what needs to happen.


~ by realsupergirl on October 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s time for a new political party”

  1. I agree — great blog and posting lately. Here’s my take on the last and final debate:

    what’s yours?

  2. Usually, parties don’t seem to form out of a faction leaving as much as a faction being expelled and the remaining, now stronger faction, trying to appeal to underrepresented factions in the majority party (in this case Democrats).

    For example, if the religious right wins, I expect them to try, a la Mike Huckabee, to run as economic populists and social conservatives. The religious right is ideologically fine with a welfare state and social programs and have some left-leaning positions on the environment (Sarah Palin excepted). This type of party would be strong in the south and in the rust-belt and might be *very* popular with the lower-middle-class.

    If the corporate wing of the party wins, I expect them to try to move left on social issues and become a more libertarian-like party. This party would have greater strength in the West and might be able to make inroads in the Northeast. It is likely to be more popular with big money groups, the educated, and the upper middle class.

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