The Third Debate

Here’s basically how it seems to be going:

McCain: Obama will raise your taxes! Obama will raise your taxes!
Obama: No, I won’t. Not if you make less than $250K a year, and that’s 95% of you.
McCain: I love Joe the Plumber! He’s my new best friend! Even though I’ve probably never had to interface with a plumber in my life, in any one of my 5 houses.
Obama: Joe the Plumber won’t be paying more taxes either, by the way. 98% of small business owners make less than $250K a year.
McCain: Obama’s a Black man! I can’t be losing to a Black man!
Obama: I think that we should bring our politics above the level of name-calling and baseless accusations.
McCain: Black I tell you! I’m losing to a Black man!
Obama: Your running mate refused to intervene when people at her rallies called me a terrorist.
McCain: Obama will raise your taxes! Obama will raise your taxes!
Obama: No I won’t. Does anyone still believe anything McCain says?
McCain: Obama is pro-choice! He’s pro-abortion! No litmus test!
Obama: I support ban on late term abortions, as long as there’s an exception to save the life of the woman.
McCain: See! He’s sneaky! He’s pro-abortion!
Obama: I think we need new teachers, and to pay them better. I think we should make college more affordable, especially since college education increases the chances that people will stop being backwards fuckwits.
McCain: Send our kids to private, Catholic schools with vouchers! Fire bad teachers! Let’s not throw money at poor and underfunded schools, they’re only educating Black kids anyway. We don’t want those people to get educated.


~ by realsupergirl on October 15, 2008.

7 Responses to “The Third Debate”

  1. Fantastic! I love the synopsis. I was thinking something pretty similar while watching it. Although I might have added something about McCain’s dirty grin. Ewwwww.

  2. Have you seen this?

    Barack Obama: Black?


  4. […] October 16, 2008 · No Comments debate # 3 […]

  5. i only have one correction: 7 houses šŸ™‚

  6. that’s basically what i heard, too. mccain looks more like bush, too, with his retarded laughing at himself—uh, you’re the only one laughing, bud.

  7. Rolling Stone has a great article on McCain and how he is not at all what he pretends to be…

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