Massachusetts is facing a major crisis

I read this on a listserv of mental health providers earlier today:

“All the Day treatment programs in Massachusetts are shutting down as of December 1st, and the vocational rehab programs (employment and educational support) are shutting down as of December 31st.”

There seems to be some confusion about whether this is completely true or mostly true – as in, is every single day treatment and vocational program being shut down? Merely most of them? But even if it’s the latter, it’s not looking good. In fact, even if it’s just “some” of them, it’s really, really bad.

My job appears to be safe. My clients aren’t losing their insurance. But we will all be affected just the same. Why is it that whenever budget cuts need to be made, the first to go are the programs that keep people out of hospitals and in therapy for years? The programs that are being cut are largely ones that help mentally ill young people — teenagers and people in their early 20’s — find jobs, go to school, be productive members of society. Or would we rather they live at home and smoke pot to manage their depression or mania? Day treatment programs are lifesaving – they keep people OUT OF HOSPITALS. The idea of cutting any of them is atrocious. We should be moving more towards these levels of care and away from hospitalization, as much as possible.

Perhaps we need to be taking better of our neediest members of society before we go around invading other people’s countries and mucking around there.


~ by realsupergirl on October 21, 2008.

One Response to “Massachusetts is facing a major crisis”

  1. I just saw that too, and it’s making me sick to my stomach. I have no idea what some of my former clients are going to do.

    I suppose now’s the time to take jobs on inpatient units, because they’re going to be flooded.

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