You didn’t think I’d stop writing about politics just because Obama won, did you?

I am deeply concerned about what looks like the likely possibility that Prop 8 will pass narrowly in California. It is important that this not be overshadowed by the momentous, hope-filled, historical, anxiety-reducing win on the presidential level.

I reject the suggestion made by some that the large turnout of African-Americans and Hispanics which propelled Obama into office is also the cause of Prop 8’s passage. Or rather, I reject the interpretation of this reality that African-Americans and Hispanics are somehow “more homophobic” than White people. I have seen no evidence of this. If anything, the large turnout suggests how good Obama was at crossing single issues and pulling in voters – African-Americans, Hispanics, Whites, and people of all races voted for him across differing opinions on same-gender marriage and abortion. He turned out more liberal voters, and he turned out more conservative voters, and they all tended to vote for him.

My day-after initial analysis of what this means for the struggle for marriage equality is that the current movement is to put the struggle in the hands of states’ rights. And this is a dangerous thing, make no mistake about it. Had civil rights in the 1960’s been left to states’ rights, there would be many states and parts of states (including good ole New England communities like Charlestown, MA) which would probably not be integrated to this day.

But that also puts the pressure on us, individual citizens, to not let this struggle die, and talk to your fellow citizens in your state about why marriage is a civil right and a religious option. In some ways, we are going to have a harder battle to fight than the Civil Rights Movement had, because we aren’t going to have our legislators stand up and defy the will of the people and enforce civil rights for a minority population.

Or maybe it is time for a new tactic – maybe we should be pushing for a comprehensive federal civil unions bill, and leave the struggle over “marriage” for another day.

UPDATE: It seems that there may be grounds to challenge the constitutionality of Prop 8 in court. This is very, very good news.


~ by realsupergirl on November 5, 2008.

One Response to “You didn’t think I’d stop writing about politics just because Obama won, did you?”

  1. Step 1: fuckin’ repeal DOMA.

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