Why do I blog? Why do you blog?

From 1993 to 1998 I put out a lot of different ‘zines. I gave them away to friends and sold them in bookstores, and though they did sell, I didn’t get much of what I wanted – feedback and dialogue. From 1999 to 2005 Kaphine and I put out a series of collaborative ‘zines, documenting our move across the country, our first year living together, our process of creating an “interfaith” home. We distributed the ‘zines just among friends and acquaintances, and always for free. In 2004, however, I discovered blogs, and since then blogs have replaced ‘zines. On the one hand, they give me what was always missing from ‘zines: interaction and feedback. Except when they don’t. And for the last few entries, I’ve gotten more comments from strangers and spambots then from friends or acquaintances.

But even with this, there’s something missing. Blogs are an art form, but they’re not art. They don’t provide the same kinesthetic experience that making art or writing or reading a poem does.

Our technology is amazing in many ways, but it also alienates us from each other. Email is a wonderful way to hear from people who are far away in real time or relatively quickly. But it isn’t the same as having a beer with someone, or even hearing their voice on the phone.

I haven’t written in weeks. I haven’t done much art or even taken many photographs. And I haven’t been blogging about anything but politics for so long, I feel disconnected from myself. I need to re-connect. I have been running sound for a production, which has been good – being a part of a theater crew is a nice start – but this just reminds me how disconnected I’ve been. Right now I’m at work, and then tonight and tomorrow night we have the last nights of the play. I am not sure when or how, but I need to reconnect with the non-technological, non-detached, non-intellectual parts of myself.


~ by realsupergirl on November 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Why do I blog? Why do you blog?”

  1. well, i’m sure you can guess that i totally disagree with your idea that blogs are not art.
    i often have kinesthetic experiences while blogging. no, it’s not the same as throwing clay or taking photos, but it feels like creation in my body to me. maybe you’re on to something, though. you do write about politics a lot and i know i’ve commented that in your poetry i’d love to go to the “deeper” place. that’s what i’m interested in reading (since you’ve asked and like feedback) i’ve definitely seen it more in your old ‘zines than on here. and maybe this forum serves its purpose for you. and other art serves other purposes. maybe it’s how you define art. but i definitely have seen blogs that are “art” for sure.

  2. I’m not sure if I think blogging is an art. I think it is more of a form of communication dedicated to information. But I guess that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be pleasant (which would make it art) and pleasing to the eye. I blog for information, sending pictures and comments about our family to those that love us. But if I were just blogging about myself it might be more like art. Because then I would be putting more of who I am into it.

  3. And for the last few entries, I’ve gotten more comments from strangers and spambots then from friends or acquaintances.

    Just because we’re not commenting doesn’t mean we’re not reading. Life gets in the way, and sometimes there just isn’t anything intelligent to say.

  4. Err … I should amend that – I meant to say *I* don’t have anything intelligent to say. Clearly, since I can’t even say that properly.

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