Unsolved mysteries

Mystery #1: How is it that I found a Portland Teacher’s Credit Union pen lying around the front desk at work this morning? This is my credit union in Portland, OR, which has since been re-named, and I haven’t seen that style of pen (the big, old-fashioned orange ones) in years.

Mystery #2: How is it that though the players I have on my two fantasy basketball rosters are similar, one team has been coasting along in the #1 spot for weeks, but lost last week’s matchup badly and is in danger of losing this week’s matchup badly? Meanwhile, the other team has been riding along the bottom of the league for the whole time, and has now risen to the #3 spot.

These things just do not make sense.


~ by realsupergirl on December 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Unsolved mysteries”

  1. With regard to league #2, you’ve made a bit push in games played and are now 44 games ahead of the next closest person. That has helped fuel your rise (along with the return of Manu).

    Just remember to watch your pace & max pace.

  2. I think mystery number one is a sign that you should move back to Portland. I am 😉


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