2008 in Review

Using a scale from plus 5 to minus 5, depending on impact on my life, here’s what last year looked like for me:

* Visited a new place for my birthday again – this time, Baltimore, MD PLUS 1
* Put concrete plans in place to have a family PLUS 1
* Got a new fridge, had some minor contracting work done to make it fit in our kitchen, got an orange kitchen out of the deal as well PLUS 1
* Saw the Grand Canyon PLUS 1
* Dispersed the ashes of Mark Woodward, on the 1 year anniversary of his death MINUS 1
* Received visits from Juliet, Yano, Dawna & Jessica PLUS 3
* Took our second camping trip together (Bumpkin Island, MA) PLUS 1
* Kaphine diagnosed with thyroid cancer MINUS 5
* Lost a dear family friend MINUS 2
* Welcomed Zenna and Henry into the world PLUS 2
* Didn’t get to eastern Europe, but got an extended visit to Portland, OR PLUS 1
* Witnessed (and participated) in the election of Barack Obama – renewing some faith in this country, and guaranteeing the end of the Bush years PLUS 1
* Lost Odetta, Eartha Kitt, Harold Pinter, Gerald Ford, Bobby Fischer, Heath Ledger, Utah Phillips MINUS 1

Kind of a tough year all around, yet we still wound up on the plus side.
Here’s hoping 2009 is easier…


~ by realsupergirl on January 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “2008 in Review”

  1. I love chess, but Bobby Fischer was a psycho and an anti-semite (albiet an amusing one). I’m not saying he deserved to die, but whatever portion of the minus one attributable to him might be reversed. (Ditto Eartha Kitt for her support of Bush and Gerald Ford for pardoning Nixon).

  2. Well, Bobby Fischer is kind of a symbol of my childhood. That’s why he’s there.

    And Eartha Kitt sang “I wanna be evil” and that’s good enough to be here in my book…

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