This is what body image issues look like

Yesterday we made it back to yoga, which felt good – for both emotional and physical reasons – even though we went to our gym instead of our favorite yoga teacher. She’s based in Cambridge and Somerville, and ever since moving across town, it’s just too hard to get to her classes with our work schedules.

During the class, I was noticing myself in the mirror, as well as Kaphine in the mirror next to me. At one point I thought, I look like a big blob in this, but Kaphine, she looks really good right now. But this morning, Kaphine informed me this morning that she was looking in the mirror thinking, Gosh, she really is thinner than me. She looks good.

It never fails to amaze me how distorting body image is. I look at old pictures of myself and can’t believe I wasn’t as big as I remember myself being. But the more recent the picture is, the more likely I am to think I look fat. Ugh.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered The Daily Plate, which is sponsored by Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong organization. It’s a cool online tool to keep track of what I’m eating and also my daily exercise, which is something I find helps me.

~ by realsupergirl on February 1, 2009.

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