I have ceased to exist

Or else, blogging is officially dead. We are all so inundated by real time reflections on our lives we are saturated. We are all so used to the immediate gratification of blog comments and Facebook status comments that we don’t know how we lived before this.

I have written about body image, about my car accident, about Air Supply, and disclosed 25 revealing things about myself. People have read my posts – I know because the comment stats tell me so. But I have only one comment in the past 5 posts. And suddenly I feel invisible.

I have complained about this before. I am not looking for people to comment and tell me “I’m here, I’m reading!” I know you are. I do know this. But I am interested in what it says about our culture, about what it says about me, that we have come to depend upon and thrive as result of this immediate gratification, this instantaneous validation for our very existence. Are we so narcissistic as to think we deserve it? Are we so insecure as to think we need it?

In my very first blog post, I wrote:
I’ve been a troll on people’s blogs for years now, and never have I kept one of my own. I’ve always feared becoming too narcissistic. Can you be self-depreciating and narcissistic at the same time? Oh yeah, I think that’s called being Woody Allen. I love Woody Allen.


~ by realsupergirl on February 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “I have ceased to exist”

  1. Do you comment on every blog you read? Sometimes it just is too much…Not that I don’t enjoy reading 🙂

  2. Writing, even just writing in a blog, is work and everyone wants their work acknowledged–somehow. It’s not about immediate gratification. It’s about effort that we all hope gets noticed.

  3. Anonymous, of course I can’t. And I don’t expect people to comment on every post, or everyone who visits to comment at all.

    But um, then there’s what Girlsnqueers said…

  4. I find I often blog about things I hope will start a dialogue. I want to have conversations about most of my posts, and I know that’s often true for realsupergirl. I know she’s searching for more than validation or acknowledgment. She’s looking for intellectual engagement. So am I.

  5. That is, when I’m not just seeking attention. That’s nice, too.

  6. i like this post a lot.

    i don’t feel like i blog for immediate gratification at all. if no one commented i’d still write and still enjoy writing. it’s more there for me and the knowing that something is “out there” … more about the processing of my own day or significant event however small or large. it’s a place to just shoot the shit to myself when all the other people in my life are too saturated to ask. it’s a way for me to keep out-of-towners in the loop, too.

    you hardly ever comment on my blog, yet, you read it – so i’m guessing you do read lots of blogs and not comment.

    i find forums more satisfying for intellectual engagement.

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