Back from Miami

I think I had been hoping spring would have magically appeared in Boston while we were away in Miami for the first half of Passover. But it didn’t. I’m in a sweater again, after four days in t-shirts and sandals.

Also, when did my family stop observing Passover rituals? I don’t really know when that happened. My mother did when I was growing up, now she doesn’t. It makes going out to dinner during the holidays much more complicated.

But it was good to see family, good to get to be in the ocean and the sun.

And spring is poking through the ground here and beginning to emerge at the tips of the trees. It’s coming, eventually.


~ by realsupergirl on April 13, 2009.

One Response to “Back from Miami”

  1. Your Mom and Passover might be kind of like my Mom and seat belts. When I was growing up she never failed to put hers on, to set a good example. Now I notice as I’m putting on my seat belt, she often doesn’t bother with hers.

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