Obama’s First 100 Days

He’s been busy, and that’s good, because our country is falling apart. Truth in politics is my source for this list, but they have done an excellent job citing their sources over there.

* He attempted but failed to correct several tax bonuses for low-income people: Ending income tax for seniors making less than $50K, eliminating penalty on early retirement withdrawals. MINUS 2

* Had to compromise but passed five other tax bills that should benefit low income individuals and families. PLUS 5

* Improved America’s standing in the world through diplomacy. Specifically in regards to our draconian Cuban policy toward Cuba and our previous government’s fear-mongering, imperialist rhetoric regarding Islam. PLUS 2

* Made several efforts to begin improving health care, including expanding SCHIP and expanding funding to train primary care providers. PLUS 2

* Announced plans to begin withdrawal from Iraq PLUS 1

* Announced plans to shut down Guantanmo Bay prison PLUS 1

* Committed more money and more troops to Afghanistan. While I agree we need to prevent the spread of terrorism, haven’t we learned by now that military force only creates terrorism? MINUS 1

* Has begun to make protecting our environment a priority for the first time, providing money to weatherize 1 million homes, investing in alternative energy, providing tax credits for businesses and consumers to support green technology. PLUS 4

* Continued funding for the National Endowment of the Arts PLUS 1

* Overall improved transparency and accountability in our highest government office, which is a welcome breath of cool Miami air after the eight years of lies, secrecy, and stale cigarette smoke air of Bush’s regime. PLUS 1

Overall Obama gets a PLUS 14 for his first 100 days. Did I miss anything you think should be included?


~ by realsupergirl on April 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Obama’s First 100 Days”

  1. A little out of it these days, but I appreciate this post. I think there are some changes in health policy too, in terms of stem cell research, changes in family planning funding and comprehensive sexual education. I don’t know the details, but would be interested if you find anything!

    I will be interested to see what action the administration will take on universal health care….

  2. According to Politifact, his promise to sign the Freedom of Choice act is rated as “no action” as of right now.

    There are 4 pages worth of promises he’s made in the realm of health care, most of which also have “no action” so far, except the ones I’ve listed here.

    Things seem to be moving the the direction of Massachusetts’ model of universal health care, where people are mandated to have it and insurance companies create plans to offer people based on income. It’s a pretty mixed system, IMO, but it’s a good start.

    I can’t find anything specifically on sex education, family planning, or stem cell research over there, but I’ll keep looking.

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