Charlie Crist is gay, and NPR suddenly becomes anti-gay

Michelangelo Signorile makes a pretty good case about why NPR’s decision to censor a movie review of the movie Outrage demonstrates homophobia on their part. He writes:

Now NPR, haughtily defending its supposed loyalty to “privacy,” has censored a review about Outrage that was already written. The writer, Nathan Lee, took his name off the review in protest, and a note was added at the end. He later posted a comment to the column to clear up any confusion among readers and that comment was removed.

This is the same idiotic behavior we’ve seen coming from many in the media for 20 years on this issue. It’s encouraging that some news outlets have moved on it — the LA Times, Philly Inquirer and others reported on those discussed in the film — but it’s pathetic that some just can’t seem to break out of their rigid and ultimately biased thinking.

By not discussing the names of those in the film, NPR is most certainly passing judgment on homosexuality, on the filmmaker and on the public figures involved — deeming that, if they have secret gay lives, it is the most horrible thing imaginable. They are also deciding to suppress legitimate news because of that distaste and bias.

Just goes to show you, even the most unbiased, even-handed news source you can find in this country has a few biases that creep out occasionally.

I am looking forward to this movie, but cant find it listed anywhere in Boston yet. I think there should be more outing. Fuck this shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if 90% of the people trying to take away civil marriage rights are closet cases. Why else would they care so much?


~ by realsupergirl on May 28, 2009.

One Response to “Charlie Crist is gay, and NPR suddenly becomes anti-gay”

  1. I heard this interview and thought it was very odd that Terry Gross didn’t want to “out” who ever it was that the film was outing. I found it very strange. I’m glad there is a little backlash.

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