Are you a feminist? Feminism went from being a revolutionary philosophy to a bad word to a concept that no one ever talks about anymore. Is that just because I haven’t been in academic circles and that’s the only place where I hear people talking about feminism? Are we in a post-feminist world?

It’s pretty clear sexism hasn’t gone away, when Chris Brown assaults his girlfriend and a majority of teenagers think this is OK, that she must have done something to deserve it.

So if feminism is still necessary, what is your definition of feminism? Who best represents what feminism means to you these days?



~ by realsupergirl on June 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “Feminism”

  1. Hi I find feminism a strange word too. I am doing a protest against my career in modelling/porn: http://vickygoldblog2.wordpress.com/
    But I still wouldn’t call myself a feminist lol.

  2. “Are we in a post-feminist world?” Yes, just as the fact we are in a post Christian world, despite the fact that about a 1/3 of the world is Christian. The fact we are in a post movement point of history doesn’t mean the movement achieved its stated goals, it just means no cares anymore.

  3. i study feminism in degree, and i use it in my art work. i do feel that women should be equal to men, but will we have to start burning our bras again to get it?

  4. I don’t believe we are in a post-feminist world any more than we are in a post-racist world. Feminism seeks to eradicate sexism and oppression of all kinds. As long as those exist in the world, feminism isn’t “over.”

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