Musings on a divided nation, and a poll

I realized something this evening in reading some of the comments on a self-identified conservative Catholic person on my Facebook friends (she’s someone I knew in junior high): There’s a whole lot of distrust amongst the conservatives in our country. Like, they really believe Obama’s gonna kill their grandmothers or steal their jobs or something. It’s sort of shocking. Yet, then I recalled how I felt just a year ago, how I’ve felt for most of the eight years up until January 2009 when Obama took office. I was just as mistrustful of Bush and really believe he (or perhaps more accurately Cheney) had ill intentions toward me and people I care about.

Has our country always been this polarized? It feels like it’s gotten a lot more so just in my life time, but then again, I have only been really politically aware since about 1991, at the earliest.

And with our country this deeply, deeply divided – we can’t even trust “the other side” on the most basic human level – how can we continue to be one nation? Can we ever heal the divide?


~ by realsupergirl on September 3, 2009.

One Response to “Musings on a divided nation, and a poll”

  1. Polls get comments! Reagan was re-elected when I was 14 and that was when I realized that many grownups were stupid tools who could not be trusted. I think the country has been this polarized my whole life.

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