The problem with religion

The recent vote to make Maine a slave state again in what is rapidly becoming a sort of gay apartheid in this country again reminded me of the problem with religion. Just like in California where the Mormon church flooded the state with money and hate ads to codify discrimination there, in Maine the Catholic church flooded the state with money and hate ads.

I say this as a religious person. I am too attached – pathologically attached, perhaps, since I am attached with deep ambivalence – to Judaism to let it go. And I belong to a liberal, progressive, affirming congregation which is part of a large Jewish subgroup (Reform Judaism) which has a long history of being politically progressive.

But I am still aligning myself with Orthodox Jews who endorse the same Biblical fear and intolerance for same-sex unions. And no matter how many liberal progressive congregations there are, it can’t change the fact that throughout history religion has been primarily, perhaps almost exclusively, an instrument of hate and hurt.

There is something primal about affirming “this is my G-d” and “these are my rules” and in doing so you are saying “that is not my god” or “those are not my rules.” How can this primal instinct ever be reconciled in a world with different people, all saying the same primal things?

Hence, my deep and pathological ambivalence about being a religious person.


~ by realsupergirl on November 6, 2009.

One Response to “The problem with religion”

  1. So well said. Sometimes I feel the same way.

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