Best of 2010, in pictures

8. Seeing baby red-tailed hawks in the office building on Fresh Pond Highway. What a treat!

7. Getting to know friends’ kids for the first time – this year, Heather came to visit with her son and Laura came to visit with her two kids.

6. Getting to fly to Portland for Abigail’s 40th birthday. Which also meant I got to see some of my favorite kids, Zenna, Asher, Ezra, and Isaac. And they adults to whom they’re attached. And I got to play some Scrabble with Juliet, and as a bonus, got to see Tricia without having to go back to Texas to do so.

5. Making the decision to make Shabbat dinners with fetteredwolf and the_meanwhile a monthly occasion. Here’s to many more of them in 2011!

4. My mother-in-law retired, but that’s not that why this picture is here. My spouse made her Boston on-stage debut this year, but that’s not why this picture is here. This picture is here because apparently my mother-in-law has passed some invisible hurdle whereby she actually seems to like me a little. Ten years ago I was “whatsername.” Now she’s making hazelnut cookies just because I said they were my favorites. And we can entertain ourselves without her daughter around for 2 nights in a row.

3. Spending my birthday at Disneyland. Spending my birthday with museumgirl, one of my favorite people.

2. We joined Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuaries this year, and managed to take in 10 of their forty sanctuaries in the summer and fall! Looking forward to more exploring in 2011.

1. Hands down, the single best thing about 2010 was the Marge Piercy workshop I attended in June. What an amazing experience. And I made friends with 11 other amazing women poets, and got to spend a week relaxing on the Cape.

It’s been a pretty good year, I’d say. But this time next year, there’s some big things I’m hoping we will have finally accomplished.


~ by realsupergirl on December 29, 2010.

One Response to “Best of 2010, in pictures”

  1. Shabbat dinners with you are guys are a treat! I’m so glad they made it into your “best of” list! Here’s to at least 12 in 2011! 😉

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