2010 Review, the writerly version

Well, 2010 was the year I began submitting my work again, after an unintended hiatus since 2007. I started up again in June, after I attended the juried workshop with Marge Piercy, and wound up with an acceptance rate of 9.68%, according to Duotrope. That’s not as bad as it feels when you’re receiving one rejection after another. But in 2010, I managed to have one short story published, and four poems.

I participated in the 365 poems in 365 days challenge, and didn’t do terribly well. Still, I wrote 63 new poems, which is more poems I’ve ever written in one year, so that’s something. I signed up again for 2011.

I’ve been neglecting my blog. I neglected my journal in favor of blogging, and then in 2010 blogging dropped off as well. I need to make art more, and in 2011 I would like to make that a priority. That includes returning to the blog, but also more painting, more writing, and more editing and revising. The reason I’ve neglected my blog much of this past year is that much of what I’ve been coping with is stuff I don’t want to go into in a public forum. Which is perhaps stupid, because most of the people who read my blog probably already know we’ve been trying to get pregnant, but it’s not really about shame or privacy. It’s the same reason I don’t really go around talking about it in real life, except when it comes up. It’s just so emotionally exhausting I can’t really bare to write about it or talk about it anymore than I have to. But it’s something for which I do need an outlet.

~ by realsupergirl on January 1, 2011.

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