Worst Valentine’s Day ever

Finding out you’re not pregnant, when you want to be.

<Sigh>  The wait continues.

But as my beloved said as I left the house this morning, at least we have each other.


~ by realsupergirl on February 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Worst Valentine’s Day ever”

  1. A friend in middle school died in an accident on Mother’s Day. He was 11.

    Struggling to get a child when it’s not coming easily may be difficult, but you’re adding to a life that’s already decent. You’re not losing anything from that life when it doesn’t pan out. Millions of people struggle to conceive, adopt or otherwise have a child. Those who let it dominate every aspect of their lives also let the struggle destroy the satisfaction they get from their lives. But frankly, there are much, much worse problems.

  2. That is all true, but waking up on Valentine’s Day to discover I’m definitively not pregnant after three years of trying (and yes, we’re officially in the pool for adoption) amounted to a pretty fucking lousy Valentine’s Day. There are obviously much, much worse situations for people out there, but this isn’t those people’s blog. It’s mine.

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