Wisconsin 14

I am deeply, deeply concerned about the drastic, pure politicking move in Wisconsin to try and destroy unions in the state where unions got their first gains.  If we don’t win in Wisconsin, unions will be on life support, and we really will have become the United Corporation of America.  Do you realize that the ONLY left wing organizations that cracked the top ten in political donations to either party in the first post-Citizens United election were unions?  That’s it.  SEIU, AFCSME, and NEA, and seven conservative organizations funded by billionaires.    That’s the reason the Republicans want to take down unions – they’re their only real obstacle to making this a one party country.  We must win in Wisconsin.

I’ve made a poster in solidarity.  Feel free to distribute as much as you want.



~ by realsupergirl on February 19, 2011.

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  1. yeah nice

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