Where are the moderate Republican NRA members?

I watched the May 6th episode of Rachel Maddow’s show, in which she goes on a “date” with Meghan McCain to the NRA convention in Pittsburgh, and they have the world’s most reasonable, sensible discussion about gun regulation and gun responsibility between a liberal and a Republican NRA member. Then she tours inner city Pittsburgh with city councilor Rev. Ricky Burgess and takes a look at what guns have done to that city.

I feel the same way about guns that I do about abortion: I support people’s right to have them, but I don’t think I’d ever have one myself. I don’t know why it can’t be that simple. Meghan McCain’s response to Maddow’s question about why the NRA won’t tolerate discussion of closing the loopholes so crazy people can’t get guns, or banning assault weapons for which there is no justifiable need, whether you like guns for self-protection, hunting, or sport was to say “they fear it’s a slippery slope.” This argument breaks down ridiculously quickly, and I don’t understand why the Meghan McCains of the NRA aren’t willing to push back and demand their organization act more responsibly. They have more than enough political power to prevent any slippery slope they fear. It’s time they acted responsibly.

Which got me thinking: Why couldn’t a whole group of people who support gun rights but want some gun responsibility join the NRA, and start making the noise? I’d be willing to join the NRA as a political action, if some of you would join with me and help me make some noise about this. According to their website, a one year membership is $35. It seems to me that if enough people join the NRA and start demanding they act more responsibly, they have a couple choices: Either ignore their membership’s voices, reject those members and return their dues, or make some changes. And the first two choices don’t make for very good public relations.

I’d probably propose we join en masse, with our dues enclosed, and a letter stating our desire. How powerful would it be if we could get 100 people to join at once and sign a petition demanding they take our concerns seriously. Would they return the dues? Would they quietly take them and not respond. I’d like to get some press coverage behind this campaign, obviously.

Anyone with me on this? I’m totally serious.


~ by realsupergirl on May 10, 2011.

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