Facting Checking Tony Perkins

I usually ignore bigoted statements from right-wing nutbags, as much as anyone can when they are constantly invading my bedroom. But this quote, from Tony Perkins of the Family Resource Council, was just too juicy to be ignored. Too many flagrant lies buried in such a short amount of time, I can’t resist. It’s from a CNN story about the Senate Democrats passing 10-8 to the bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act come to the floor, even though doing so will be largely symbolic because the bill will get shot down in a heartbeat in the House of Representatives, where a small group of lunatics is currently in charge of the asylum.

Let’s look at the quote:

“Marriage is not some prize that liberals can award to a small, vocal and already well-off special interest group,” said a statement by Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. “Marriage between one man and one woman was created prior to the formation of any governments and is given benefits by governments because it uniquely contributes to a productive society.”

LIE #1:
“some prize that liberals can award”
Marriage is not only awarded to liberals or conservatives. Since when did we ask people’s political affiliation when they pick up marriage licenses? Does he think we’re going to deny marriage licenses to gay conservatives? No, marriage is a CIVIL right, i.e. a right granted by a CIVIC organization, i.e. a government, and therefore has to, by it’s definition, be accessible to any CITIZEN of this country.

LIE #2:
“Already well off?”
On behalf of poor queers everywhere, I say FUCK YOU. Seriously. Just became some queers are rich doesn’t mean most of us are. I would even hazard a guess that most of the queers who are well off look a lot like the other members of America who are well off – by and large, they are white men. But rich or poor, black or white, they all have to have access to civil rights, by the very definition of what a “civil right” is. See above.

LIE #3:
“created prior to the formation of any governments”?
Are you kidding me? Let’s assume that he knows that marriage is a right granted by governments – although Lies #1 and #2 suggest otherwise – and therefore he’s trying to make the anthopological argument that “marriage” existed in cultures that were preceded the existence of government. Well, they had long term monogamish relationships that people got into and even presented themselves before the community to announce, but they didn’t call them “marriages.” In many, many cultures, they didn’t even look like what Tony Perkins probably thinks marriages should look like – click the link of “monogamish” and read Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan for more on this. “Marriage” as a word and a Western concept, exists as a civic institution. Sometimes a religious institution as well, but not always. And therefore, it confers CIVIL rights.

LIE #4:
“because it uniquely contributes to a productive society”
OK, the hopeless romantic in me wants to believe this is true, but really, how can he say this after watching the recent Kardashian marriage and divorce? Did this contribute to a productive society? Really? And did it do so more than letting the gay couple who’s been together for 40 or 50 years finally be granted their civil rights? Come on.


~ by realsupergirl on November 10, 2011.

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