Why South Park is funny

South Park is funny because we are South Park.

I’m pretty behind on South Park, like about seven seasons. But I watch it when I can (Jet Blue flights, Netflix, people’s houses) and always like it when I do. Last night, we randomly picked the Guitar Hero episode to watch, and it was no exception. The premise is that Kyle and Stan become Guitar Hero masters and learn the meaning of choosing friendship over money and fame. It’s less heartwarming than it sounds, thank G-d. In usual South Park form, there’s a throwaway line at the beginning that kind of nails the whole episode (and usually some aspect of American culture) on the head in a brilliant way. This episode, it was Stan’s mom telling Stan’s dad “if they spent half the time they did learning that game they would actually know how to play musical instruments.”

But what occurred to me in general about South Park is that it is funny because it is us. We are a nation of eight year old boys, often jumpy and xenophobic, obsessed with fart jokes and Jesus, and utterly sexually clueless.


~ by realsupergirl on January 16, 2014.

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